The Creative Process... What Was She Thinking?


The chick who claims to be all about love drops F bombs?


Yes. Because that's the real deal.

Chronic Illness. Lyme Disease.

These things are messy. Along the way every human is going to have colorful thoughts; maybe even some rants at their creator. But illness does make an amazing teacher. 

Whatever we are currently experiencing in life becomes the filter through which we view the world.

Illness can bring to light the love and compassion within you and therefore the world. Or, you have another choice.....

I was shown a vision of these journals before they were created. So I did what I usually do: Follow that vision. The covers are intended as a visual thought collage of the spiritual journey through illness.

Here's what I shared on Facebook about the creation process:

It begins with F*ck This. Or This Sucks. And while I wouldn't call  the journey "a good time," it has taught me a lot about myself, compassion, life, and those around me. Most beneficially, it brought my awareness to honor and where it was lacking in my life.

I’ve come to believe that honor is the root of a life well-lived. When honor becomes the deciding factor in a decision, good things happen.

If I ask myself the question—“Does this behavior-action-food-friendship-relationship.... honor me?”, I am left with some amazing data. The answers always provide excellent guidance.

When trying to heal, you will find yourself regularly facing this decision. Will you choose what’s healing for you? Will you learn to honor and do what’s best for yourself— first?

That’s not easy for many of us. But it’s necessary.

For this series of journals, the design concept was to capture one of the “ah ha” moments experienced during my own journey that helped me to shift my thoughts and behavior. It was powerful! My hope is that it helps you, too. 

Much love,