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Kimberly Ahri


Kimberly Ahri was a successful business woman when, at the age of thirty-seven, she experienced a dramatic “course correction” in her life. Conditions changed at tornado speed and she was stripped bare of the facade she had built to give herself an identity.

With only shreds of a “normal” life left, Kimberly found herself on a journey with angels. This odyssey, replete with experience, loss, and love, took her through an emotional masterclass on what truly matters in life. The spiritual curriculum required that she look deep within and allow the emergence of her intuitive gifts so she could honor her purpose in this world.

Although she’s a private person by nature, she writes and shares openly about the divine tutelage she’s blessed to perceive and advocates for love, compassion, honor, wonder and Lyme Disease awareness.

She’s a health researcher and hope addict; a lover of clean food, clean breathing, sunshine, the ocean, the mountains, the scenery and good people of Newfoundland, almond milk lattes, sourdough bread and real butter.

Kimberly is an active participant in the love revolution who feels her best when she's creating offerings of inspiration, love and wonder. When she isn't writing, she finds her joy by blending positive words with beautiful imagery and creating unique journal notebooks.