On this site, you will find my offerings of love and wonder to the world.

Please stay for awhile and check out: The Meaning of Finding Coins book, The Meaning of Finding Coins Discovery Journal, the Positive Intention Writing Journals and Notebooks, the Healing Affirmation Journals for those with Lyme and/or Chronic Illness, the gorgeous Bridal Gifts, and the uplifting meme's (that you're welcome to share).

All offerings were created with the intention of bringing more joy, wonder, and healing into your life. I'm glad you found your way here.



The Meaning of Finding Coins: Messages and Spiritual Insights

I wrote this book to share the angelic insight I was given, and the awe I felt, when I learned about the reasons many of us routinely find coins. It's the type of stuff that will reach right into your heart and make you feel better about life. Inside, you will find deeply touching stories that were shared with me by others and my own mind-blowing coin story and spiritual lessons sure to enrich daily life. This book is one of a kind in that it breaks down the different meanings of finding coins!

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The Meaning of Finding Coins Discovery Journal

Specially crafted journal pages will help you track your coin findings. The Coin Guide will help you reveal the heavenly messages being offered to you by the coins you find. 

Visit the blog page dedicated to the Coin Discovery Journal to see interior photos.

Ahri's Notebooks & Journals

When I'm not able to write, I find joy in blending positive words with beautiful imagery. 

Here you will find a line of gorgeous, loved-based blank writing journals, notebooks and sketchbooks. 



Lyme Disease & Chronic Illness Blank Writing Journals

The cover of each journal tells a "thought story" of the spiritual journey through illness. Within the thoughts, there’s a life lesson learned as a result of illness and a shift in thinking that supports healing. Wherever you are on your journey, my hope is that the thoughts validate you, encourage you and empower you.

While these journals are not technically "Prompt Journals" because they do not contain suggestions for writing within, the thoughts on the cover do offer multiple prompts for journaling. 

The chick who claims to be all about love drops F bombs on the cover of a journal? Learn more about the inspiration and creative process.

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Healing Affirmations Blank Journal Notebooks

Bright. Colorful. Uplifting. Fun. Encouraging. Empowering.

That was the plan. I imagined these journals in your home, the affirmations calling out to your eyes to read them again and again.   

The journal’s size is large, because I’ve found it hard to write small or neatly. The affirmations are also large, written in different colors to make them easier to read and easier for the brain to process.

Should you need writing prompts, how about writing on each affirmation?

See all the journals in the Healing Affirmation series.



Blank Notebooks

Colorful blank notebooks.

Cool for School Composition Notebooks

Composition books should be interesting, don't you think? 


Bride to Be Gifts

Lovely notebook gifts for the busy bride to be.